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the missile defense systems in europe? >> that was a mistake. when the president pulled back the missile defense in polapd and chech republic it sent the wrong message to russia. we should revisit that decision because the russians have not acted differently. they are not acting like they should act. they have violated international law and other countries integrity. we need to protect ourselves and europe and look at reinstating those missile defense systems. that is a huge mistake by the president. >> senator, thank you for being with us. >> we are following the rapid changing developments the president obama spoke with president putin and secretary of state john kerry spoke with his russian counterpart and we are expecting to hear his comments and the tensions are high, is a peaceful solution possible? >> and allegations of a obama care bail out. will taxpayers be on the hook for that? >> a victim of a hit and run. the police have it on tape and the search for the person behind the whole is on. geico motorcycle. see how much you could save. >>> a young girl is recovering today after a
the threat or use of force. and that none of their weapons will ever be used against ukraine except in self-defense or otherwise in accordance with the charter of the united nations. that clearly hasn't happened now, even though putin claims he's potential acting to protect the russian populace. >> no, it hasn't, but then again, you know, seen from not just russia, but many ukrainance as well, what happened was not like what happened in egypt with the overthrow of commune im. yanukovych was a repulsive ruler in many ways, but he wasn't elected. a large part of the ukrainian parliament is being chased out of kiev, you know, the representatives of the east and south, the parties which supported yanukovych. so it is highly questionable whether this government in kiev does have any degree of democratic legitimately. that's why, quite rightly, the west has gotten a promise of new elections in may, but of course the question is how one can hold free and fair elections with nationalist militia in control of with you pant of the country and russian soldiers in control of another. >> finally, the west is cl
the west for causing anarchy and all of the troops are not his but local defense forces and that caught secretary of state kerry by surprise. >> denied they are russian troops. and blamed the crisis on the united states. >> he denied there were troops in crimea? >> yes, he did. >> he blamed this on the president the united states. >> kerry paying tribute to the the victims gunned down by snipers and said the only threat here is russia invading ukraine further and accuses the russians of creating a pretext to do that. as a billion dollar loan package for ukraine and lots of talk in the united states and europe about what sanctions might be drawn up in order to punish russia if it further escalates the situation here in ukraine. >> thank you, amy kellogg on the ground in kiev. >> it is one of the most complicated foreign policy issues of mr. obama's president so. the president came out an hour ago to speak about the crisis. >> they are reading economic sanctions and what they are and how far they will go, it is not yet clear. they talked about options and everything from working with alli
henneberg is live in washington with more. >> fox news confirmed that defense secretary chuck hagel spoke to his russian counterpart today about the situation in ukraine. pension officials said there are no military contingency plans for ukraine. we don't expect to hear from the president again today, although we possibly could get an offcamera update from the white house if there are new developments. in president obama's remarks yesterday he warned russia any violation of sovereignty and territorial integrity would be deeply destabilizing. >> represent a profound interference in matters that must be determined by ukrainian people. it would be a career violation of russia's commitment to respect the sovereignty and borders of ukraine. >> the president said united states will stand with the internationiale community in affirming there will be, quote, costs for any military intervention in ukraine by russia. some republicans are questioning what that means. what it means to russian president vladimir putin, especially since russia appears to be sending military assets and troops into the c
attorney generals they don't have to defend laws they don't feel are defensible. what is going going to do about it? what is anyone going to do about it? >> that's the most common question my colleagues and i in the senate again. why can't you stop president obama? the truth is, we will stop him through litigation, through appropriations process when we regain the majority of the united states senate in november. obamacare is a disaster. the president's credibility is at an all-time low. and it's going to drag down his party. but unfortunately, when a president ignores his oath to uphold and defend the constitution and laws of the united states and chooses rather to cherry pick which laws to enforce examine which ones to wave or postpone, you have an unprecedented lawless situation that i know troubles a lot of people deeply, including me. >> okay. this week the president is due to release his budget. do you think there will be some common ground, the some areas that democrats, republicans, folks on the hill, folks in the white house can work together to improve the bottom loin when it com
'll be talking about the impact of the defense cuts that chuck hagel announced, which by the way, perfect timing, he announced defense cuts and the russians say we'll ramp an invasion of ukraine. and in arizona the controversial bill and we'll learn how the bill is the exact language of the bill that bill clinton signed and was passed unanimously in the house and 97-3 in the senate back in 1993. it's a real big controversy over a very, very small issue. >> fascinating. well, we look forward to seeing you tonight, and as always we thank you for your insights. always a pleasure to have uf, sir. >> thank you, uma. always great to be here. >>> we want to hear from you at home. does the u.s. have any clout left when it comes to issuing so-called red lines to world leaders? tweet us your answers to us and i will read some of your responses later in our show. >>> now, turning to another story that continues to raise concerns here about our military and its future in afghanistan, with talk of a drawdown of troops by the end of the year, the u.s. is still locked in a battle with afghan president hamid ka
policy options going forward. participants in this meeting included defense secretary chuck hagel who spoke to his russian counterpart earlier today, cia director john brennan, joint chiefs chairman general martin dempsey and national intelligence director james clapper. we're just getting word that the president did not attend the meeting but that he was briefed on it later. in his remarks yesterday president obama warned that any violation of ukraine's sovereignty would be, quote, deeply destabilizing. >> just days after the world came to russia for the olympic games, it would invite the condemnation of nations around the world, and indeed the united states will stand with the international community in affirming that there will be costs for any military intervention in ukraine. >> vice president joe biden spoke yesterday with the ukrainian prime minister assuring him that the u.s. stands for, quote, the democratic future of ukraine. greg? >> well, we remember the president said there will be costs if syria uses chemical weapons, and in the end there were none. what kind of a reacti
through the eu. >> they recalled all military reserve forces and defense officials there now are trying to get them ready for combat as soon as possible. ukraine officially shut down the airspace for all non-civilian aircraft in the last few hours. so far as far as we know, no shots have been fired yet. this is a very tense standoff. >> the calling up of reserve is a bold move. great to see you. stay on it. >> the u.s. ambassador to the united nations calling on russia to back down. here is her call at the un. >> today russia would do well to heed its own warning. the actions violate the commitment to protect the sovereignty and territorial independence of ukraine and pose a threat to international peace and security. >> what's next? where did the west go so wrong? fox's contributor is the former u.s. ambassador to the united nations and fellow at the american enterprise institute. good morning. you may recall in 2005 putin said this about the soviet un n union. was the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the country. do you think he was trying to reverse that? >> putin has the strate
, the delay buys you negotiating power. there's pressure on issa to produce her. and the defense attorney representing her wants use immun immunity. i guarantee you that's what's going to happen. he knows by the subpoenas which require her to produce the document. he doesn't know why she did it. he doesn't know who ordered her to do this, if anyone. so that's really the ultimate question, isn't it? >> yeah. and the important point here is that lois lerner is not who darrell issa and republicans on the committee, that's not who they really want to get. they want to get at whatever, whatever political force there was that put pressure on lois lerner to go after these groups. and what we've seen over the last couple months when this whole scandal hadn't been in the news that month is they've slowly accumulated evidence that the decision to go after these groups occurred much earlier than weieved and that as you noted that the pressure came from a far more politically-involved players. and that, it's that politically-involved pressure. that's what darrell issa wants to get at. if lois lerner
it could incite violence on cinco de mayo. joining us are defense attorneys and former prosecutors. good to see you both. there is a long and distinguished history of the supreme court saying that the rights of students can be compromised if what they are communicating could insight violence. so what about this, doug? >> well, you look at the ninth circuit opinion and it's very clear. they cite tinker versus des moines. >> famous case. >> famous case. students are free to express their first amendment views, however, if it interferes with the propered a handwriting of the school. >> right. and in this case the school felt that what the students did by wearing the american flag could incite violence between the students because of the past history between the mexicans and -- >> what other students? hispanic students? >> right. >> wouldn't hispanic students who came here to america, many of them, some of them born here in america, wouldn't they be proud of the american flag? see, i don't get this. >> i think they would be but i think under the circumstances of this particular incident, the
it was probably the flu he had. >> we bring in a defense attorney. brian, the family wants to sue petco, who is at fault here? npetco has a responsibility to make sure that the rat received an adequate vaccine to make sure that the rat would not infect someone who bought the rat. that is obvious. but what petco will do here, they like target or pet smart or petco, they have vendor agreements with the other wholesalers. and that is a facility that provided the rat to petco. >> the company is going to blame the supplier? >> absolutely. they have vendor agreements and a whole harmless agreement with the supplier. and the supplier has to assume full responsibility. and if ifault. if i'm petco, i'm going to go back and say you didn't adequately give a vaccine to the rat. if i'm a family i'm going to say you're the face of the transaction, you have to assume responsibility. >> very quickly, dr. siegel, this rat bite fever as it's being called, you're saying it's not normally deadly. parents out there -- rats are becoming more and more popular pets. parents don't need to panic, antibiotics can trea
grno. and see if someone can steal your life story? mark is a former prosecutor and defense theerl. and a list is an analyst. she said that the now character in grand theft autois eerily similar to her. also a daughter of a mob boss turned snitch. she then becomes a reality star. mark, is the game allowed to steal your life story? >> no, that's not what they did. it is a money grab. she doesn't own the right to any story to do with the mob. there are similarity ares. but the courts will gave latitude for stories on real events. i had a story based on my life. i got a lawyer. but i didn't sue. that 40-year-old virgin movie was my life. >> no one going to see that. >> you are not paying 14 bucks to see that? >> no. >> does she have a case? a that. >> i'm not paying a cent to see that. >> does she have a case, a $40 million case? >> it sounds like a stretch but she actually really does. she has a right to her image, and a right to make money on that image. she has a book out there. she's clearly making money. they didn't offer her anything for it. she clearly has a case. gwen stefani
to be a gray area. >> is there? the defense attorney and david wohl. how are you doing today? >> i can't believe you are excusing the young man. he is a teenager. i mean, the difference between can of coke and cola and can of beer. >> listen, i would not be excusing him if he cracked it open in third period. but that didn't happen. we believe it is a honest mistake and poster child why we should not have tollerance anywhere. in particular this case. he got a black mark on his record and he is a year away from entering college. >> he tried to do the right thing. he didn't open it. and alerted the teacher and handed over and got 60 day suspension cut down to 30 come on. >> so many kids bring drugs and alcohol they have to have zelo tollerance and can't litigate every single case because they don't have the time or resources. my son ja cob. the good should have gone in the bath rom and cracked the beer and crushed the can and tossed it and then he would be in cya mode just like the administration and everyone covering their rear because no one wants to get sued. except the young man who i
, there will be costs if russian troops move in. we have confirmed the defense secretary chuck hagel has spoken with his russian counterpart today. where is it all going to go? how did we get to this point? fox news contributor marvin kalb is a former diplomatic correspondent, former moscow bureau chief and moderator for "meet the press." thank you for being here. >> pleasure to be here as always. >> i appreciate the chance to talk to you on this. this is moving very, very quickly. what is putin's ultimate endgame? >> i think his ultimate endgame he is a russian nationalist. a strong nationalist. he wants to protect what he determines are russia's direct national security interests. for a russian nationalist, ukraine has always been, except for an interlude of the last 20 years, has always been part of russia. putin considers ukraine a natural, historical part of russia. that it ought to be part of russia. he has taken a low-lying fruit which is crimea. 60% of the people there are russian. they call for russian support, russian help. he provides it. he is there for a great hero to the russian people. he
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14